Let's have  a little chat about warranties. Basically, our warranty is 10 years, repair or replace any defect in  manufacture.  It's that simple.

  Lately though I've heard from clients- Well XYZ company has a Lifetime Warranty.  Interesting- and it really sounds fantastic doesn't it? It should sound fantastic enough to make you really want to read the fine print.

    If i remember correctly (and you should check!)  their warranty works something like this- it is pro rated i.e diminishing in scope over the years AND rather than repair or replace the product that you've already paid for it gives you a discount on your next purchase. They have also excluded from this warranty furniture manufactured during certain years- hmmm, wonder why? That doesn't sound like a warranty to me, it sounds like kicking the can down the road. But you be the judge...

   What does a warranty cover? A warranty covers defects in the manufacturing process. It does not cover wear and tear. So what does lifetime mean? Well, if the furniture you buy is made of lesser grade materials then it stands to reason that wear and tear will take it's toll much sooner, resulting in a lesser "lifetime". If the product you buy from XYZ is made with laminate that is 30% thinner and the patterned surface wears off in a short period of time, you can expect  to hear them say wear and tear...

Moen Woodworks Warranty


Defects found in materials and craftsmanship in the course of normal usage of

the product within the warranty period – Moen Woodworks will repair or replace, at its option, the defective product with a comparable component or product. Warranty period is Ten years from Date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by a carrier, improper handling, alterations to the product not expressly authorised by Moen, nor to normal wear and tear.


Moen Woodworks does not warrant availability of matching colour or texture

except within commercially acceptable standards. Product will not be considered defective and Moen Woodworks will not be obligated to replace it if not used within written guidelines provided by Moen.


Except as noted above, Moen Woodworks makes no express or implied

warranties as to any product and in particular makes no warranty of fitness for

any particular purpose except for use as standard school, library or office

furniture. Product repair or replacement is the customer's exclusive remedy for any and all defects. Moen Woodworks shall not be liable for any consequential or economic damages, shipping costs etc.


In a continuing quest for the highest possible quality and to best serve the

needs of our customers, Moen Woodworks reserves the right to make changes in product design, construction and colour availability or to discontinue product without notice.




All images, specs, info etc. copyright Moen Woodworks

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