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 3 Sway  Double - sided Mobile Bookshelves

Blue grey/Aqua mix as shown here, black vertical dividers.  Will ship assembled.

 $ 1390 ea.

 3 Squabble tables
Colours as shown, choose desired leg height.
1  - Lime green,  2 Aqua.
Squabbles can be arranged to make either a circle (6 required), or wavy lines.
                          $390  ea.

3 Swish 2 sided mobile bookshelves

    2 Blue grey/Aqua mix

    1  Blue grey/slate mix

 $ 980


Moen Squabble table


1 Comma- Sit/Stand /Perch

Sit, stand, perch desk.

  As shown- yellow, green, blue.



2 Campy tables


  As shown, 1 with blue pebbled pattern, the other with grey pebbled pattern.

  Excellent choice for assisted reading table. Height can be customised.

                       $ 380 each.

1 Orbit Table

suitable for all ages. Seats 3, table, seat combo.

Colours as shown, red/navy.


1 Lavender Whimsy

    Because who doesn't need a little lavender whimsy in their life?

             Reg $330

1 Nudge computer desk

    Aqua and blue , as shown.

Note that the monitor sits on the lower level, and the keyboard sits at correct average keyboard height 26".

Ultra compact, also gives great visibility through the room.

This lonely fellow:  

                        reg. $375




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