We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and we make great stuff!  Furniture that is flexible, sensible,  colourful, shapely, tough and just plain appealing.

     We've been doing this since 1983. We design in-house and all of our designs are original. We win Design Awards- among them an I.D. award ( also won by the likes of Apple, Jaguar etc.), and have been cited among the Top 50 Designers in Western Canada by Western Living Magazine.

    One thing that is very important to us is that we use plain speak, you'll never find us using language intended to obscure or gloss over what we're doing or how our products are built. We get quite a kick out of reading the linguistic gymnastics that some manufacturers will employ to avoid stating that they build with particle board or that a product has a melamine finish instead of plastic laminate.

    We use the most durable materials  we can- this means no particle board, for one thing. That means Medium Density Fibreboard which is much stronger than particle board, and full thickness General Purpose grade plastic laminates, not the cheaper vertical or post forming grades.  We use casters that are up to the task-  heavy duty ball bearing casters on the shelving products that will  need to take considerable weight. We also use HDPE plastics for some of our products- often called puck board-  it actually is used around hockey rinks, it's that tough! Schools and libraries need tough, sturdy stuff. Nothing makes us happier than when we get calls saying we bought your furniture 20 years ago,  it is holding up well and still looking up- to- date!


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